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Our Premium Plus package is a durable, high-quality denture.  The teeth are made of porcelain, which make them stronger than typical dentures.  The finely tuned process of “test-driving” the denture before the final product is produced helps to ensure a very accurate fit and optimal comfort.  Our highly trained team of experts can make needed changes during the process to ensure patient satisfaction.

Buy viagra online canadian, Online viagra sales australia

  • The process starts with a comprehensive exam, consult and X-rays.
  • Patients will come in for impressions
  • —Premium Plus Denture patients wear the denture in a provisional form before it is completed, taking them on a “test-drive”
  • —The trial denture is tried and perfected as the patient wears it
  • —Any adjustments that need to be made can be made
  • —We check to make sure the denture is satisfactory in comfort, aesthetics, chewing efficiency, and speech ability before they are completed
  • Patient is presented with the final denture
  • Patients come in as needed to check the fit and comfort

The Benefits

  • —Trial dentures can be kept as spares
  • —The stable occlusion of the porcelain teeth help to keep the bone from deteriorating
  • —While the premium plus dentures cost more initially, they are less expensive in the long-run because of the wear resistance and longevity of the material.

The Cost

It’s not solely our time and quality material that goes into making premium dentures.  We rely on a good lab and skilled technicians to produce the results. While the price is higher than other dentures, patients get what they pay for:

  • Accurate and Comfortable fit with necessary changes along the way
  • Quality Material that lasts
  • Premium Plus dentures last 20+ years

Buy viagra online canadian, Online viagra sales australia

We’re Here To Help You

Through exceptional patient care, advanced technology and skilled professionals.

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