Denture Consultations

What’s Included?

During our denture consultations, we want to make sure that our patients understand all of their options.  This is why we take the time to sit down with you and develop the right treatment plan for you.

We will also take a set of x-rays to get a panoramic view of the bone structure in your mouth.

What do we go over?

During a denture consultation, we will go over the following information:

  • Learning to use a denture
  • Whether or not dentures are suitable for you
  • Treatment and care of Dentures
  • Your main concerns
  • Choosing a color shade for your denture
  • We discuss bone loss
  • We will explain how our dentures fit
  • Discuss the possible need for lower implants to keep in bottom dentures that may slip due to bone loss
  • Every 18 months patients need to come in for oral cancer screenings and to check the fit and comfort level of the denture.

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