Standard Premium Quality Dentures

Our Standard Premium quality dentures offer our patients a more affordable option over our Premium Plus package.   These dentures generally have a lifespan of 7-10 years.

The Technique

The process for creating our Standard Premium dentures starts with a comprehensive exam, consult and X-rays.   After this, patients will come in for impressions and then come back in for a try-in to check the bite.  Patients will receive a temporary denture until they get the final product.

The Benefits

  • We can make necessary changes to ensure comfort
  • Less costly than Premium Plus dentures
  • Lasts longer than those made at denture clinics
  • Better fit and comfort than those made at clinics

The Cost

Standard Premium dentures offer a middle of the line affordability, falling in between the low-end denture clinics and our Premium Plus dentures.

Affordable Quality Dentures – With A Natural Look & Feel

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